Analyze the Analyst: Short-form Comedy for Adobe (Episode 1)

Here’s the first in a series of two videos in support of Adobe’s 2013 Summit event for Digital Marketing. Written, produced and directed by LekkerMedia Creative Director, Jamie Wright (that’s me!), the piece was created with others in a tight timeframe & budget to help spread the word on the event via related themes and a large helping of ridiculousness.

I generally like the ridiculous, which is why I think this works. When you have something super silly with a real premise, delivered in a totally committed way by a talented actor, you can get some great results.

Thanks to Bay Area improvisor Rebecca Poretsky for her performance and the work of DP Peggy Peralta, Antoinette Yoka (Makeup), Jules Kobelin (Properties), and Lourdes Figueroa (Camera Assistant). Special thanks to Adobe’s Lynn Margherita & Matt Rozen.

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