3… 2… 1… Launch! Lekker’s launch vid for Adobe Photoshop Mix is live!

Such a great project to work on – we had a pretty quick turnaround for this video with two weeks from the first phone call to final delivery. Happily, I had an amazing crew in Justin Chin, Hart Perez, Drew Nelson, Antoinette Yoka, and David Stollery. And my back was musically had by the stylings of Dr. David Schmoll. Everyone came in for the quick turn and made it happen at a high level.

It was the first video we shot primarily on 4K (in the skilled hands of Justin ‘JJ’ Chin) and I think we’ll be doing more of them – I *really* like the detail available and the color range. And the crew on the Adobe side were as always, super-pro and incredibly well-prepared. Many thanks to all!

To see the video on the Adobe site and to get more info on the app, head here: http://mix.adobe.com/

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