*Another* study about Millennials?? Actually, this one’s true about all of us.

I pretty much hate broadly generalizing studies about entire generations of people. Like I hate the general descriptions in garden variety horoscopes; as a Capricorn, I am not risk-averse, money-grubbing, or generally unimaginative. Look at other Capricorns – Elvis, Jesus (okay, to some they are possibly one & the same), and Muhammed Ali, to name a few!

Yep – another broad generalization… But it happened!

But Yahoo recently came out with a study  making sweeping claims (and to be fair, presenting interesting statistics) about advertising to Millennials. The study said Millennials strongly respond to, among other things, humor in advertising and branded content. The numbers are compelling (and thanks Yahoo for making a study for me to blog about), but my response to it is who doesn’t like their information to be presented in an entertaining way? Particularly when it’s bad news, or a difficult topic; spoonful of sugar (or delicious cocktail), anyone?

This is the business premise that Lekker Media is based on, and it has been working well for the last nine years. More and more presenters are discovering the benefits of taking a not-so-funny topic, comedically looking at the difficult truths of it in video, and using that to open their talks or illustrate a point. What they are finding is that when uncomfortable facts are entertainingly acknowledged and explored, this is an excellent way to break the tension and get people talking honestly and listening openly, and remembering what it is you had to say.

The most recent example is the series of spots we produced with Brass Ideas for HipChat. The Bill Lumbergh spots have over three million views in their first month and have phenomenal click through for their tightly targeted audience. While this was a public-facing ad, the idea is the same – show that you get your audience’s problem, and lead them to your proposed solution. And it doesn’t hurt that we licensed & hired a beloved/behated(?) character to get the message across…

In the end, Millennial or no, we all like to be entertained, and who doesn’t want that particular bar lifted for content and presentations?

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