About Lekker

Lekker is an adjective in the dutch language meaning ‘tasty’, or otherwise pleasing to the senses…

Lekker Media is a San Francisco-based video production company founded in 2005, specializing in web and broadcast media. Our background is in improv and sketch comedy, so we usually like to do something fun. Really – doesn’t everybody??

We’ve produced, directed, shot, edited and developed creatively everything from simple sit-down interviews or demos to documentary-style short profiles. We’ve created short animations, presentation comedy pieces, magazine-style reportage & event video, and broadcast PSAs. The common thread in these various projects is our approach which is to have quality work that is set apart by a thoughtful, creative, and ideally fun take on the material.

Hope you enjoy this bloggerriffic site while we are working on our rebrand for the gloriousness of 2011…!!

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