Lekker Media creates broadcast PSA for the spanish-speaking community in CA

Lekker recently completed a PSA on the dangers of pertussis for the spanish-speaking community in California. It features a woman who actually went through the incredibly tragic loss of  her son Dylan, due to his contracting the virus from her – pertussis can appear almost exactly like a simple cold in adults. The 30-second spot was shot for the California Department of Public Health in cooperation with Latino Agency of SF.

Shoot with a View

Lekker's amazing crew

One of my favorite views of SF – from the top of the Baker Hamilton building at 7th & Townsend. And with a fantastic crew…!

Profiling media studio Trigger and their app for the Green Hornet movie

Lekker Media took a little trip to Los Angeles with the good people of Adobe Systems, Inc. to profile the media wünderkinden of Trigger and their experience taking their web-based punch-em’-up game to the Android mobile OS using Adobe’s AIR platform. Technical mumbo-jumbo aside – the game kicks ass and works incredibly well on a phone!!

This was our second shoot with the Canon 5D camera and some really beautiful glass to make it all really delightful to look at in edit, and (hopefully you’ll agree!)in the final product as well.

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