Lekker Media helps the CLCV find a greener governor in 2010

The California League of Conservation Voters hosted an event this summer that focused on the environmental issues that the next governor of California would have to contend with. The GreenGov 2010 event also honored the (apparently already) Honorable William Newsom, retired apellate judge and father to SF’s outgoing mayor, Gavin Newsom. Lekker Media donated it’s services to help document the event, shooting several interviews for the CLCV to edit and add to other video they had shot in support of their objectives.

Among these interviews was this one with Mayor Newsom, who confessed he was a big fan of Lekker Media Creative Associate Anthony Veneziale’s shoes. The shoes, decorated with the complete layout of the Barcelona Metro system, sadly did not make it into the final cut of the mayor’s interview despite their ecologically conscious support of public transport…

Take the time to check out the CLCV website and the GreenGov videos – they are indeed worthwhile!

Lekker Media creates broadcast PSA for the spanish-speaking community in CA

Lekker recently completed a PSA on the dangers of pertussis for the spanish-speaking community in California. It features a woman who actually went through the incredibly tragic loss of  her son Dylan, due to his contracting the virus from her – pertussis can appear almost exactly like a simple cold in adults. The 30-second spot was shot for the California Department of Public Health in cooperation with Latino Agency of SF.

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