California Senior Leaders Program – a foray into documentary filmmaking

Lekker Media was asked to work with the UC Berkeley School of Public Health to help train doctoral students in community filmmaking in 2011. As a result of this connection, I worked with the program to produce a documentary on the California Senior Leaders Program to help recognize 10 years as an organization.

It was a fantastic experience on a number of levels: One – I got to make a somewhat longer-form documentary piece than the usual profile for the web; Two – I was privileged to meet these fantastic and inspirational people who had been activists all their lives & now, because they are seniors, turned their skills and talents to solving the problems of our aging population.

Really amazing people & a really amazing program that the UC Berkeley School of Public Health has created with these people.

Lekker Media helps the CLCV find a greener governor in 2010

The California League of Conservation Voters hosted an event this summer that focused on the environmental issues that the next governor of California would have to contend with. The GreenGov 2010 event also honored the (apparently already) Honorable William Newsom, retired apellate judge and father to SF’s outgoing mayor, Gavin Newsom. Lekker Media donated it’s services to help document the event, shooting several interviews for the CLCV to edit and add to other video they had shot in support of their objectives.

Among these interviews was this one with Mayor Newsom, who confessed he was a big fan of Lekker Media Creative Associate Anthony Veneziale’s shoes. The shoes, decorated with the complete layout of the Barcelona Metro system, sadly did not make it into the final cut of the mayor’s interview despite their ecologically conscious support of public transport…

Take the time to check out the CLCV website and the GreenGov videos – they are indeed worthwhile!

The Committee at the SF Improv Festival

San Francisco comedy legends, The Committee, reformed for a panel discussion on the roots of modern sketch and improv comedy in our fair city August 14th, 2010 at the Eureka Theater. Lekker Media, a proud San Francisco Improv Festival sponsor, was on hand to catch them give their first live performance in over 25 years, with their “Star Spangled Banner” sketch, with the help of Howard Johnson (author of the improvisors bible, “Truth in Comedy”). These guys are all the real deal.

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